A Feminist Man

I grew up at a home under the tutelage of more women than men, my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, aunts, friends of my grandmother from her prayer group, more aunts, neighbours who would stop by to speak to my mother or my grandmother. And being that strange oddball of a kid, unlike my peers,... Continue Reading →

The Screaming Introvert

When our Premier’s office announced an extension of the forty-day lock-down period to another two weeks, as it neared an end, emotions surged across the country-some happy for they reasoned it will help the already stretched health care service, while others sank further down their rabbit  hole of moroseness. Some cheered, while some jeered. Some... Continue Reading →

You Hated Roses

You hated roses, dispassionately, you told me later, Raising my left brow, in disbelief, surreptitiously, I did ponder. But next to a grinning yellow minion, dressed in blue, without a nose You did, amidst your fountain pens, keep that silly crimson rose. It wilted with time, morphing into a shade of muddy brown, And crisp to... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Yellow Dandelions

In the sultry stillness of an indigo night, In the echoing emptiness of a faint daylight, A paralysing thought rushing through my mind Curbs my senses and envelopes my sight. Must I wander, or must I stay? Pondering, I stop, a minute, at the entrance of a faintly lit alley; Buzzing fireflies, through the darkness,... Continue Reading →

Wallflower, orange and yellow

Wallflower-oh how I love the word! The lyrical pleasure of the word, a wisp of happiness that escapes when I mumble it to myself, and the image that it conjures in my head-a happy orange-yellow flower growing by himself on a nondescript brown wall embellished with moss and lichen, which he shyly salutes to. Flourished... Continue Reading →

Paris: The City of Lights

What must I write about a city that is in all likelihood one of the most written about cities in the world? What further must I write about the city that Ernest Hemingway had immortalized in his ‘A Moveable Feast’? What more can I write about a city that has inspired, and continues to inspire,... Continue Reading →


Sitting by the window in a cosy little corner of my room, my workplace ever since the lock-down, pondering about ‘what is clarity (truly) to me?’ and listening to the hum of the first April rain, mango-showers, I ask myself this very question a million times in my head, a question that Kate has posed... Continue Reading →

‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’

“Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are men to rocks and mountains?” famously had Elizabeth Bennet claimed in Jane Austen’s celebrated novel Pride and Prejudice, thereafter adding, “Oh! what hours of transport we shall spend! And when we do return, it shall not be like other travellers, without being able to give one accurate idea... Continue Reading →

Coast to Coast

Marie, an inspirational blogger and someone I admire a lot, has been posting encouraging posts in her blog, Create Space, relevant for the ugly times, the tentacles of which have gripped our planet now! And in this particular post, to inspire each one of us, to seek happiness and to find peace around us, she... Continue Reading →

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