What’s in a Name?

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” Romeo and Juliet With all due respect to the Bard, I have, begging to differ, in a few instances, believed that a name adds an uncanny disposition to a person named so. Names have always enamoured me,... Continue Reading →


The Sound of Silence

The din was getting onto my nerves; I wanted to scream out, shout at the babbling voices to stop, at the cacophony around me. Little did I know the noise that been lashing at me was inside me, I was drowning in the whirlpool of my own thoughts. It was an evening like another, another... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining

Grey clouds have been ominously gathering, over the past few days, across the earlier blue Bangalore sky. The ravens, or are the black birds crows, I could never tell, and the common mynas swirl in the sudden gale while tree-tops sway announcing a possible storm. Leaves and bits of paper strewn carelessly over the pavements... Continue Reading →

An Alternate Epilogue

Seldom is life what you think it ought to have been, and being Destiny’s least favourite child, most that I have desired, little or big, was never given to me in entirety; there was always incompleteness, partial or complete, a hindrance or an outright veering off from what I sought. They say all that happens... Continue Reading →

I want to be like the Wind

I want to be like the wind, free, untethered, and limitless. I will sail over mountain tops, amidst clouds, past the silvery shine of the moon, past the golden sunbeams, across an azure sky, through monstrously grey rain clouds moistening my soul, over the rainbow. I will ferry clouds, the stars guiding me. I will... Continue Reading →

You are not the one in a million

Everybody I know wishes for a happy ending, an ending which is idyllic, an ending you read about in fairy-tales, of happily ever-afters, of the prince walking away with his princess into their castle while golden sunbeams envelop the earth in eternal joy. I was no different and, uncannily, years of disappointment have not dissuaded... Continue Reading →

Going Solo: Kasol

Solo trip I claimed to myself. Yes I'll head out by myself and strike off the long pending wish from my bucket list and what better than the Himalayas, majestic, mysterious, even if I were to be on the road alone, travelling through gorges, under the unfailing gaze of distant snow-capped mountains, the ravines, the... Continue Reading →

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