‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’

“Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are men to rocks and mountains?” famously had Elizabeth Bennet claimed in Jane Austen’s celebrated novel Pride and Prejudice, thereafter adding, “Oh! what hours of transport we shall spend! And when we do return, it shall not be like other travellers, without being able to give one accurate idea... Continue Reading →

Coast to Coast

Marie, an inspirational blogger and someone I admire a lot, has been posting encouraging posts in her blog, Create Space, relevant for the ugly times, the tentacles of which have gripped our planet now! And in this particular post, to inspire each one of us, to seek happiness and to find peace around us, she... Continue Reading →


‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one’ John Lennon, in one of his most famous songs, sings these lines towards the end, dreaming of one world, sans boundaries, sans the differences that we happily and grudgingly... Continue Reading →


A fog has been shadowing the hills, and caressing the summit they merge with the grey clouds. The green of the hills, a shade deeper than the darkest green to the point of noir are drenched in the unseasonal batter of the rain that refuses to stop, a depression someone claims over the ever-depressed Bay... Continue Reading →

My Murky Cove

Grey clouds, from the horizon, blotchy and sombre Sail cross a yellow sky, and over the city Benignly they gather. Groaning, rumbling, a shade of purple they flash. Mercilessly teasing the parched earth they choose Not to splash. Will the heavens part, oh will it rain, I stare and stare! But prayers, unanswered, return to... Continue Reading →

Right Left Right

It is Easter time! While the world is celebrating the resurrection of the Saviour I cannot help but reminisce the hullabaloo of a celebration that Easter used to be during school days at my mountainous home-town, the bitter-sweet days that were. Colourful Easter eggs and candies would magically mushroom in the several bakeries across the... Continue Reading →

‘Begin Again’

Often, rather most of the times, I ponder at my murderous obstinacy to hold on, to have wrongly imagined I have let go of times which push me into the spiralling depths of despondency, to have unfaithfully assumed I have emerged, battle worn, from my crumbling state to a happier one! No I do not... Continue Reading →

Bahadur: The Expatriate

Bahadur was a legend to us, the children, a hero and a saviour in ways more than one; he was there to chase away the neighbour’s menacing Pomeranian, there to light up a happy bonfire on cold winter nights, dancing and singing around the fire while we clapped and laughed, and save the best of... Continue Reading →

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