You are not the one in a million

Everybody I know wishes for a happy ending, an ending which is idyllic, an ending you read about in fairy-tales, of happily ever-afters, of the prince walking away with his princess into their castle while golden sunbeams envelop the earth in eternal joy. I was no different and, uncannily, years of disappointment have not dissuaded... Continue Reading →


Ranchi Chronicles: The Last League (Part 1)

Early March welcomed Spring and no sooner had she arrived than she got busy at reviving the erstwhile hibernating existence. A gentle breeze sailed over tree tops while the warm halo of a warm sun grew in stature, after the wintry hiatus, against an ozone blue sky. Ochre and crimson red poppy flowers daintily danced... Continue Reading →

Going Solo: Kasol

Solo trip I claimed to myself. Yes I'll head out by myself and strike off the long pending wish from my bucket list and what better than the Himalayas, majestic, mysterious, even if I were to be on the road alone, travelling through gorges, under the unfailing gaze of distant snow-capped mountains, the ravines, the... Continue Reading →

Ranchi Chronicles: A Year (Part 4)

February-squirrels emerged from their hibernation, birds fluttered and flirted with each other. Tender shoots woke up to the sweet smell of spring, flowers of every colour bloomed, the trees blossomed, the main college building, in balmy afternoons, looked like a sepia-toned photograph, crumpled at some places, while the two twin trees on the upper lawn, as... Continue Reading →

Ranchi Chronicles: A Year (Part 3)

October ushered in autumn, the long awaited Puja vacations and a trip back home after about two years! The crispness in the air dwindled, the sunshine mellowed down, the grass withered gradually while the mist thickened each passing day, heralding the gradual arrival of winter. And then He came, wrapped in His cloak of mist,... Continue Reading →

Ranchi Chronicles: A Year (Part 2)

The change of seasons here marvel me and I can leisurely watch each day and each night with the amusement and ecstasy of an artist capturing each nuance, each detail, lest the walls of the museum of memories remain stark naked. From monsoons to autumn, winter to spring, summer and back to monsoons, I capture... Continue Reading →

Ranchi Chronicles: A Year (Part 1)

Another July! The monsoons have reclaimed their glory after a sweltering summer and the blades of grass have shed the brown hue and embraced a greener shade; the erstwhile baked earth appears soggy while a thousand brown rivulets meander through her bosom carrying decaying leaves, twigs, pebbles forming a tiny puddle where the earth has... Continue Reading →

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