Ranchi Chronicles: The Second Month

It is close to a second month of being at BIT; two months of a life I chose against all odds and the apprehensions, the initial displacement, the terrors, the non-familiarity of everything seem lesser in magnitude now. A classmate, the other day, rightly said, ‘You aren’t an employee any more. Be a student!’, dissipating the otherwise fog of uncertainty I had been breathing. Treacherously, I was trying to balance a life that was and a life that is, being neither there  nor here, and only now do I realize the necessity of letting go. Undoubtedly I am terrified. So much would have changed by the time I exit BIT. Everything that I know of may change antipodally. I may or may not land up in Bangalore, I may never see my room-mates, my workmates, the Malayali Bakery, the house, the terrace, religious calls at birthdays may reduce to long texts, gradually shortening to a mere ‘happy birthday’  and when the phone is traded for a new one the number may just slip away. The ones in my microcosmic world shall be busy with their own lives, we’ll have lesser to talk about, the circumference that circumscribes us shall eventually lose ground. The constant force of change!

Frenzied has been the second month here! Tests and lab manuals to finish; however, the one activity that drew out all possible strength was Teachers’ Day celebration. I had been so apprehensive about the whole affair and found it silly to organize a teachers’ day unlike my classmates who showed a childlike zeal. We were no longer at school, I argued. But they would not let me off and I could not let them down either. The ME students organize Teachers’ Day, an event the BE students have happily let go of. Possibly most ME students choose the teaching profession that they hold this affair dear. Or may be it is the only thing that ME students can manage to organize! Pun intended. I was sucked into the festivity and surprisingly enough, I, cherished the festivity and fervour. Invitation cards, meetings, plans, discussions, at the cost of tests, were zealously attended to. The endless meetings, meeting with batch-mates, seniors, planners, organizers, running across the college building to invite teachers, cunningly handing out the invitation card and earnestly requesting for a certain class to be cancelled. The best part was when we had to convince a teacher to cancel his lab session. Known for his fiery temper, six of us went up to him, to invite him and seek his advice on the made-up predicament of the likely clash of lab and the celebration. Much to our surprise he replied, ‘So let us cancel the class’. So happy were we that we would broken into a impromptu dance then and there. All of us had worked our lives off to put up a good show. I acted in a skit!

There was a movie outing as well, ‘Madras Cafe’ was it? I fail to remember. Life may be limited to the boundaries of campus but there is a subtle happiness in the confinement, lunch at the outer canteens, strolls through the green vastness, gup-shup over cups of tea and biscuit and the changing seasons; monsoons days, with their share of rain and grey skies, have been replaced by cheerful autumn sunlight, shining throughout the day, while breezy purple evenings darken to starry nights.

Time for a stroll.

7th September, 2013


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