Sitting by the window in a cosy little corner of my room, my workplace ever since the lock-down, pondering about ‘what is clarity (truly) to me?’ and listening to the hum of the first April rain, mango-showers, I ask myself this very question a million times in my head, a question that Kate has posed to each one of us in her reflective post. I rest my chin on the corners of my palm, loll my head from side to side, then berate myself for touching my face, and gaze out at the darkness outside, which mirrors the darkness inside, a power failure, yet again! A purple flash of lighting rushing between monstrous rain clouds in the form of a perfect rectangle of the window dispels the darkness inside while a faint white glow lights up the room only to fade away and, stupidly, I am reminded of the phenomenon of Newton’s Rings, from high school Physics, the fringing effect of light. Concentric rings of light and shadow, distinct and pronounced in the centre, fading with increasing diameter, and I think again of clarity.

Hurriedly I seek my headphones and play ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ by the Crowded House, drum my fingers on the keyboard and tap my feet as the tempo echoes from one ear to another. ‘Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof; get to know the feeling of liberation and release’. Liberation, shadows, release, clarity, clarity.

Indeed clarity of thoughts-this is it, my Eureka moment!

Having had more time to introspect, to retrospect, to ponder and to reflect, I now see the faint flicker of a warm yellow glow at the end of an imaginary tunnel of my convoluted thought process; I have been sensing the several knots inside my head, that I had tethered with time, loosening. Perhaps a long shot, but I am on the road to understanding what life should truly be; on how little things, a warm cup of tea, a simple meal, a conversation, a shared joke sum up life in ways more than one. I feel less muddled, less weighed down now, ever since I vehemently chose to ignore negativity, pessimism and concentrate on optimism, on positivity, on seeking joy in the simplicity of life, on making my now better for a brighter later. Someone ought to be a hopeless dreamer even if were to mean rowing all by oneself in a lone boat floating in an ocean of despair and despondency. I have been rowing and I, happily, see other boats, gradually converging; I see lamps on these boats lighting up the faces of other lone sailors rowing towards an island at the end of the ocean. There is a lighthouse guiding us, there is a world waiting for foolish dreamers like us.

Certainly, my trajectory has not been, and still is not, straight as that of a comet for I have been swinging, and continue to swing, between the crests of hopefulness and the troughs of hopelessness. I will, but, flatten out my path, I will do all it takes to shine my lamp, I will continue dreaming and hoping, I will let go of people shooting arrows of thoughtlessness that pierce my world, I shall not let them cloak me in their shroud of pessimism and cynicism.

I will walk bare bodied.

I will drape myself in the pure blue of clear skies.

I will cleanse my soul in the sparkling waters of cleaner rivers.

I will let the breeze take away traces of confusion from my thinking and I will dwell in clarity.

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    1. Thank you so much Roy! I keep calling myself a hopeless dreamer like you said seek happiness, or try to, in the simpler things of life. I have a hunch that you do that as well 🙂


  1. This is a timeless post.

    So many good points.

    I love the topic of clarity, there are so many implications to improving one’s life.

    It is closely related to visualizing.

    I write a lot about this idea.

    Well structured post, thank you for sharing (:

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    1. Thank you so much Brandon 🙂 You are right, self improvement can lead to an improvement of one’s surroundings and gradually the world at large. I am curious to check out your website. Thank you again 🙂

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  2. There’s something so distinctive about your writing. Each time it’s almost like entering a vignette of eloquent, beautiful prosaic poetry, that transitions beautifully between images, transporting one to a journey that is bound to make one feel centered and peaceful and collected by the time one has to leave… I absolutely love your writing!

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  3. Loved it… on optimism, on positivity, on seeking joy in the simplicity of life, on making my now better for a brighter later… so encouraging and definitely a blanket of comfort in these uncertain times ❤

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  4. a profoundly deep thought process exquisitely shared, you are a true wordsmith!

    I’ve always felt we were all crossing the same ocean/river just in different boats [differing propensities] but we will arrive at our deemed destination at the right time and by the route that we need to learn our lessons … and I’ll enjoy a few chais along the way with you ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Kate and thank you again for inspiring! You are right, we are all floating in the mystic ocean of togetherness, improving where we falter and learning. And yes a few warm cups of tea is just the soul food we need to keep us going 🙂

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  5. This is lovely, Parikhit. Strength in vulnerability—a fine balance! 🙂. Yes, these are difficult times. I believe it is looking with a positive attitude that we will find solutions to our problems. Our life energy is precious—why squander it with pessimism? That’s just silly.

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  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! “I have been swinging, and continue to swing, between the crests of hopefulness and the troughs of hopelessness.” How do you manage to write so beautifully, so effortlessly and convey in a few words what I try to achieve in lengthy paragraphs. This is stunning. And I love your positive message, it’s rubbed off on me. Thanks for a wonderful post. Katie

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    1. Thank you so much Katie for your wonderful words 🙂 I feel blessed and equally glad that the optimism has touched you too! These are hard times and a little positivity can make so much difference to our lives 🙂 Blessings and love, Parikhit.

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  7. Ah those arrows of thoughtlessness. I feel them too and I even sometimes feel my heart accelerating as if my physical essence is working against me, tempting me to react when I was trying so hard to be calm. So much can be learned from what you write here, as always. More than you know as you allow the muse to work through you. This is a reflection on power and the loss of it, quite literally. Is is about shadows and light, hopelessness and hope. Confusion and clarity. Destructive interference and constructive interference, Newtons Rings.Astonishing work. Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over. Far from it, my friend. So good to read you every day or whenever I can. Xavier

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    1. Thank you so much Xavier! Your encouraging and beautiful words are always a treat to me! Yes it is hard to keep calm when the air seems stifling with the pessimism; I cannot control ranting at so many occasions. But I hope one day I will stop being reactive and will be completely reflective! 🙂 I hope you are keeping well and safe.


  8. Yes, oh yes, my darling Pari! My favorite song…and you state its message so well. You will find as you journey in your solitary little boat tht you are not alone…yes I am there, too, see? Sharing a cup of tea with you, along with other seekers…thank you for your beautiful reflections, sending you much love and sweetness *sunlight through clouds**willows swaying**children dancing*

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    1. I knew we would be sailing together and we shall have a happy cup of tea, reflect upon life, talk about the wonders of the world, share a laugh, listen to you strumming your guitar and smile with all other seekers 🙂

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