A Thousand Yellow Dandelions

In the sultry stillness of an indigo night,
In the echoing emptiness of a faint daylight,
A paralysing thought rushing through my mind
Curbs my senses and envelopes my sight.

Must I wander, or must I stay?
Pondering, I stop, a minute, at the entrance of a faintly lit alley;
Buzzing fireflies, through the darkness, orange in patches,
Light up writings on the walls, of hope, songs and messages.

A whispering breeze, dancing to its own tinkling whistle
Narrates to me of a wishful land at the end of the tunnel;
And warm upon my palm, a blue earthen lamp sways and quivers
Onward I march, resolute, to the haven of believers.

A redemption I seek to end the suspicion galore
A dying attempt to shut, forever, the tumultuous uproar;
To the land unknown, across violet mountains mighty high,
A patch of earth, velvety green, nearer to the azure sky.

From therein I will, patiently, watch the dance underneath,
Of greed and hatred disguised in a crimson ruby wreath;
Of men and women, savage, blinded by lust and power
Triumphing over voices, and succumbing the defeated cower.

Fear not, echo the voice of the mountain herd peacefully solemn
For little drops of water make the mighty ocean;
Like an avalanche we will storm down the mountain
And fall upon the sinister, bringing about destruction.

A world will rise merrily, cloaked in a white veil of serenity
And the hopeful, a thousand yellow dandelions, will smile aplenty;
Sailing with the breeze to lands afar, the happy seeds shall dance in mirth
Harvesting roots of hope wherever their cottony bristles kiss the earth.

Image Credit :Β jplenio from Pixabay

65 thoughts on “A Thousand Yellow Dandelions

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  1. Very deep and pensive Parikhit. “For little drops of water make the mighty ocean” and I believe that you and many other talented and conscious people are filling that ocean with love and light.

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  2. I took a stroll over to your blog and so delighted to read your words… of such talent. A flow of consciousness that deeply touched me. Thankyou for relaying such beautiful dreams to us all to embrace❀️ Much love Barbara x

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  3. Gorgeous! It’s so evocative and sensorial – I could close my eyes and experience each line. The icing obviously, is the last stanza and it’s positivity. I echo your prayer there! Well done, sir, mightily well done!

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  4. Oh god that last verse is heart-rendingly beautiful! It could almost make one cry! So good, Parikhit. I am manifesting that world with all my heart. Also, bravo on penning a poem – it’s so amazing, no one would believe that it’s not up your alley!

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    1. That means the world to me Isha! I have always admired and taken inspiration from your poems and your encouragement means a ton to me. I am smiling from ear to ear. I am hopeful that world is upon us soon, very soon.

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    1. Thank you so much Colleen. Honestly I was quite muddled when I began writing this calling it an escapade from everything and as the thoughts progressed I realised wouldn’t it be better to escape to a refuge of hope and call upon the souls there to cleanse the world from the despair.


    1. Thank you so much Katie! I feel blessed for your wonderful words. Honestly poetry fails me for I find it hard to restrict myself to a few words and never stop rambling; yet I keep trying. Thank you again for the encouragement.


  5. Most excellently penned, Parikit! I sit here in awe as the vivid imagery flowed and my heart with it. I felt renewed and empowered as I applied the words to the darkness today as I picture in my mind along with your words a victory far more grande then any of us can imagine. How glorious a picture you painted with words, words I believe are prophetic in nature. I feel it. Deeply. Times are changing and turning into redemption. How glorious! Stunning! Press on ever more! Keep shining your light and may your passion for words ignite this world at large along with all those whose passion is igniting this world into love and peace and bliss! Wow! I’m still flying!!

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    1. And your words made my day Amy! πŸ™‚ “words I believe are prophetic in nature”, I do believe in the power of words as well. They become our belief system and actions and words, as much as having the power to destroy, have the power to rebuild and redeem. I am truthfully glad that these words touched you and it strengthens my faith that hope exists, however small, however petite-it will rise and turn the world in a beautiful place. The process has begun and the world needs dreamers and believers to carry the legacy forward to accentuate the peace and love and cloak the world in happiness. πŸ™‚ Love and wishes!

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  6. You bring so many original and powerful images from within your own creative vision in this call for peace above. Wonderful. I have the feeling from reading some of your work that you are a voracious reader and are familiar with classical English poets such as William Wordsworth, especially your references above to commerce and, as Wordsworth might have put it, the “din of selfish men” as seen standing, as he apparently was with his sister, on the ancient, green hills of Wales, my father’s home, incidentally. From this ancient, pastoral height, he contrasts the healing tranquility of nature with the noise of the city and “the merry dance of death and trade” near the end of “Tintern Abbey”. Your reference to thousands of dandelions smiling remind me of his ode to the daffodil . As for the cottony bristles kissing the earth, that gorgeous play on imagery is pure Parikhit! You bring your personal passion and idealism into these themes of Deism and the natural world as a place of solitude and healing. Thanks again for writing and sharing.

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    1. I reread your comment so many times! It is such an honour and blessing to read your words of encouragement and I have been smiling endlessly. Reading is both my virtue and vice, the latter because when I am reading I get lost in the book much to the annoyance of my immediate neighbours. Indeed, this work was much inspired by Wordsworth’s Daffodils. I love poems from the bygone era πŸ™‚ I have to add here that poetry isn’t my forte for I find it hard to restrict myself when I write and the nuances of poetry fail me. But I try at times, just to see if I can compose something. Thank you again for your wonderful words.


  7. Yes, oh my sweet friend, the golden dropw of hope, the insignificant little sparkles of delight some name weeds, the blessings so easily trodden beneath unknowing feet–these will burst with their white seeds of fluff and whimsy to populate the planet with joy and song, love and mercy–dandelions, my favorite flower of all time, childhood and innocence, promise and hope, blessings and love to you dear Pari! *Yellow butterflies**children dancing**musical sunbeams*

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  8. Did I just read a poem written by Parikhit? OMG YESSS! I opened WordPress after such a long time and am I so glad I did.

    In bizarre times like now, I’m glad that you’re still able to find and hold onto hope. πŸ™‚

    Now I’ll be checking if I’ve missed something new from your blog. Hope you’re doing okay. πŸ™‚

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    1. And I am so excited to see you back. I was away for almost a year and may be, quite cruelly, I should thank the ‘nesting period’ to have given me the time and inspiration to be back. I think hope is something that lasts when everything ceases to exist. I am fanatically holding onto it πŸ™‚


      1. You are so welcome! It doesn’t seem as poetry is not your forte…this flowed seamlessly. 😊
        Thank you for your generous words but I am just an ordinary scribbler writing about everyday things. πŸ™πŸΌ

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