‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’

'What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.'  I remember reading the poem 'Leisure' by W. H. Davies when I was in my fourth standard, a very long time ago. Understanding little of the poem, save the idea of a paused life, leisure, then, to a child... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Gift

Re-posting an old post to celebrate the spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! It was the month of December. A month when the cold valiantly establishes its rule, a month when sleepy eyes prepare to hibernate, a month when every tree save the evergreens are robbed off their garments. It also marks the onset of... Continue Reading →

Candle Light, Candle Bright

'Another power cut!', exclaims my sister, 'This old apartment doesn't even have a power back-up'. Flustered she gets up to reach for the match box and candles while I add, 'Maybe we could get an inverter?' We light the candles that are placed in strategic corners and quite magically the house is illuminated to a... Continue Reading →

The Park Bench

Romance is not my forte! And sensing the gloom and sorrow that my posts are usually riddled with, Srijan, a blogger friend, and perhaps the most romantic blogger here, challenged me with a happy romantic post, setting the stage and words I must use. I relented and having had my grey cells tickled, here I... Continue Reading →

Mystical Mcleodganj

Picture this. Waking up to the faint rhythm of gongs from a monastery resonating through the valley; listening to the sound of wind rushing towards gaunt mountains, losing momentum in its windy trail to only crash back into the valley, shaking every leaf, every blade of grass in its wintry dance; sighting goat-herds shepherding merry... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 5

Meera, feverish and cold, lay in the bed hallucinating, uttering words that surged and fell, indistinguishable; the hours were blurred; faces that peered to check on her were yet another blur on the blurred film that everything seemed to her. Difficulty raising herself, her strength failing her, she listens to indistinct muttering, the sounds of... Continue Reading →

Ghost Town

The last week, I had been trekking, wandering alone through the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Walking in my solitude, conversing with myself, I chanced upon an old church, a stone building blackened with time, surrounded by whispering cedar trees, the trunks, moss-laden. Staring aimlessly, keenly listening, I heard hidden crickets chirruping,... Continue Reading →

Hyderabad Hues

Brown. That was the colour that struck and wrapped me from the very moment I stepped out of a nauseating flight which had been shivering like a frightened lamb mid-air, worsened, further, by the indistinct and annoying murmur of the pilot. All I could gather were, 'Hyderabad', 'Welcome', 'Sunny'! Brown was the terrain, brown were... Continue Reading →

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