The End of an Ending

It is that time of the year, again, when pocketful of earthen lamps, shining bright, appear on the handrails, imaginatively conjured rangolis, embellish the entrance to every house, a time when fairy lights, in shades of blue, green, red and yellow festoon every balcony, a time when the smell and sound of firecrackers from dusk... Continue Reading →

My Recalcitrant Mind

After battling an inner debate for long, I braved myself and headed out for a holiday, not home, but a wedding. Onward God's Own Country, Kerala. Through lush hills of the Western Ghats, sudden mountains jutting from the earth, myriad rivers cutting through her bosom and trees abound, the train chugged through a moonlight night.... Continue Reading →

These Hills called Home

I remember, from my growing up days, the cartoon ‘Madeline’. Narrated in sing-song rhyming verses which always begun with the lines ‘In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.’, there was a song therein that has remained with me ever since and although I... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing in the Rains

It has been raining here for days now. The wispy clouds gently hover over the hills, embracing the summit in their coldness, hiding their love from the world in the translucent fog. The drizzle stops only to patter upon the red roofs later, and a slow drumming sound reverberates through the empty starless nights. Dainty... Continue Reading →

There is a Hidden World in my Bookshelf

My grandfather had an odd collection of books, paperbacks, hardbound, magazines and dictionaries stacked in precarious towers on the shelf beside his bed. He encouraged us, his grandchildren to read, rather cajoled us to, but remained stern about his chaotic collection. And now after all these years I understand his fanatic desire to protect his... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 4

Grey clouds, looming over the city, swelling with moisture that their erstwhile selves had trapped when gushing over the oceans, viciously desired to douse the world in perpetual wetness. Meera looked at the visible grey outside to the invisible grey inside her heart, to the colours bleeding away from her, to her monochrome self. The... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 3

Summer had been treacherously baking the city, swirling the red dust from the dry streets into little tornadoes, sucking in twigs and dead leaves into the centripetal dance. The birds, panting, found little shelter under the decorative awnings of the concrete structures. Meera remembers the wide roofs of her grandparents’ house and the number of... Continue Reading →

The Last Leaf

The previous night I chose to read O. Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’, yet again, for the hundredth time in the quiet hours of the night, waiting upon and witnessing the surge of thoughts that take over my senses, my thinking every time I read this mesmerising short story. It runs thus. In the surmounting cold... Continue Reading →

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