I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Another Christmas Eve went by, close to more than two months ago; another Christmas day spent in the heat of the city, another Christmas night when the sound of firecrackers violently echoed through the night sky rather than the happy peal of church bells from childhood; another Christmas time where poly-chrome stars and mistletoe did... Continue Reading →

The Tenth Reason Why I Must Remain Single

Precisely two years ago, I remember, pink and red were the colours of the city amidst the shades of dust and sunset. Balloons and festoons embellished every storefront; diligent Radio Jockeys happily gave away free passes to the 'lucky two', the only music you heard on the radio were that of confessions of love, of... Continue Reading →

Your Happy Abode

Pink trumpet trees, across the city, are blossoming sooner, Climate change, angrily, claim the newspapers in bold letters. The blushing flowers remind me of a nippy March, the previous year, When, smiling, I'd send you the glorious bloom in tinted pictures.   Leafless grim trees, skeletal branches, knotted and dark, Are draped in pink against... Continue Reading →

A Happier New Year

I distinctly remember the single recurrent question that parents, acquaintances, and teachers alike loved to exercise upon me and at the children in my growing up days; with quite a cruel twinkle in their eyes, an anticipation, rather a certainty, that our answers would mirror their thoughts they, happily and a with confidence soaring high,... Continue Reading →

‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’

'What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.'  I remember reading the poem 'Leisure' by W. H. Davies when I was in my fourth standard, a very long time ago. Understanding little of the poem, save the idea of a paused life, leisure, then, to a child... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Gift

Re-posting an old post to celebrate the spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! It was the month of December. A month when the cold valiantly establishes its rule, a month when sleepy eyes prepare to hibernate, a month when every tree save the evergreens are robbed off their garments. It also marks the onset of... Continue Reading →

Candle Light, Candle Bright

'Another power cut!', exclaims my sister, 'This old apartment doesn't even have a power back-up'. Flustered she gets up to reach for the match box and candles while I add, 'Maybe we could get an inverter?' We light the candles that are placed in strategic corners and quite magically the house is illuminated to a... Continue Reading →

The Park Bench

Romance is not my forte! And sensing the gloom and sorrow that my posts are usually riddled with, Srijan, a blogger friend, and perhaps the most romantic blogger here, challenged me with a happy romantic post, setting the stage and words I must use. I relented and having had my grey cells tickled, here I... Continue Reading →

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