A Magic Portal

Cooped up inside the fading yellow walls on my little apartment for months now I sit sans inspiration at my desk, staring at the bluish glow on my laptop, losing myself, submitting my numbing senses to a vortex of thoughts, mundane and otherwise. Approaching the window, I stare at the sole mango tree outside; with... Continue Reading →

You Hated Roses

You hated roses, dispassionately, you told me later, Raising my left brow, in disbelief, surreptitiously, I did ponder. But next to a grinning yellow minion, dressed in blue, without a nose You did, amidst your fountain pens, keep that silly crimson rose. It wilted with time, morphing into a shade of muddy brown, And crisp to... Continue Reading →

‘Begin Again’

Often, rather most of the times, I ponder at my murderous obstinacy to hold on, to have wrongly imagined I have let go of times which push me into the spiralling depths of despondency, to have unfaithfully assumed I have emerged, battle worn, from my crumbling state to a happier one! No I do not... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 5

Meera, feverish and cold, lay in the bed hallucinating, uttering words that surged and fell, indistinguishable; the hours were blurred; faces that peered to check on her were yet another blur on the blurred film that everything seemed to her. Difficulty raising herself, her strength failing her, she listens to indistinct muttering, the sounds of... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 4

Grey clouds, looming over the city, swelling with moisture that their erstwhile selves had trapped when gushing over the oceans, viciously desired to douse the world in perpetual wetness. Meera looked at the visible grey outside to the invisible grey inside her heart, to the colours bleeding away from her, to her monochrome self. The... Continue Reading →

Within Her, Without Him: Part 3

Summer had been treacherously baking the city, swirling the red dust from the dry streets into little tornadoes, sucking in twigs and dead leaves into the centripetal dance. The birds, panting, found little shelter under the decorative awnings of the concrete structures. Meera remembers the wide roofs of her grandparents’ house and the number of... Continue Reading →

The Night is His to Cry

Antim wakes up from a patchy sleep to an alien smell that Monday morning. Home, it gradually dawns upon him; the apartment that was home to him ever since he had moved to his adopted city. No it mustn’t be alien, he debates. I have lived here all these years. Yet an unrequited sense of... Continue Reading →

When Life gives you Blues

I have always been told, have read, and heard when life gives you lemons make lemonade. But nobody ever told me what should I do when lives me blues! Must I make a glass of syrupy blue lemonade? Must I, with all my might, bolt the overpowering blue into the blue skies? Or must I... Continue Reading →

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