A Magic Portal

Cooped up inside the fading yellow walls on my little apartment for months now I sit sans inspiration at my desk, staring at the bluish glow on my laptop, losing myself, submitting my numbing senses to a vortex of thoughts, mundane and otherwise. Approaching the window, I stare at the sole mango tree outside; with... Continue Reading →

The Screaming Introvert

When our Premier’s office announced an extension of the forty-day lock-down period to another two weeks, as it neared an end, emotions surged across the country-some happy for they reasoned it will help the already stretched health care service, while others sank further down their rabbit  hole of moroseness. Some cheered, while some jeered. Some... Continue Reading →


Sitting by the window in a cosy little corner of my room, my workplace ever since the lock-down, pondering about ‘what is clarity (truly) to me?’ and listening to the hum of the first April rain, mango-showers, I ask myself this very question a million times in my head, a question that Kate has posed... Continue Reading →

‘Begin Again’

Often, rather most of the times, I ponder at my murderous obstinacy to hold on, to have wrongly imagined I have let go of times which push me into the spiralling depths of despondency, to have unfaithfully assumed I have emerged, battle worn, from my crumbling state to a happier one! No I do not... Continue Reading →

The Tenth Reason Why I Must Remain Single

Precisely two years ago, I remember, pink and red were the colours of the city amidst the shades of dust and sunset. Balloons and festoons embellished every storefront; diligent Radio Jockeys happily gave away free passes to the 'lucky two', the only music you heard on the radio were that of confessions of love, of... Continue Reading →

A Happier New Year

I distinctly remember the single recurrent question that parents, acquaintances, and teachers alike loved to exercise upon me and at the children in my growing up days; with quite a cruel twinkle in their eyes, an anticipation, rather a certainty, that our answers would mirror their thoughts they, happily and a with confidence soaring high,... Continue Reading →

‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’

'What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.'  I remember reading the poem 'Leisure' by W. H. Davies when I was in my fourth standard, a very long time ago. Understanding little of the poem, save the idea of a paused life, leisure, then, to a child... Continue Reading →

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