Right Left Right

It is Easter time! While the world is celebrating the resurrection of the Saviour I cannot help but reminisce the hullabaloo of a celebration that Easter used to be during school days at my mountainous home-town, the bitter-sweet days that were. Colourful Easter eggs and candies would magically mushroom in the several bakeries across the... Continue Reading →

You are Therefore I am

My mother often tells me with wonder, and I listen to the same story, with an unfazed amazement, every time, of my first day at school; of how I had rushed out from my mother’s arms, in my shiny new uniform, a handkerchief pinned upon my navy blue pullover, with a water bottle, bobbing about,... Continue Reading →

Boys don’t Cry

Remember the carefree days of school-when we’d run around aimlessly through dusty playgrounds, veering off pillars in the corridors, gliding across passages, sliding down a banister in the stairwell only to find a frowning principal, hands solemnly behind his back, busy conjuring creative punishments, sardonically smiling, when we’d kick a soccer ball with all our... Continue Reading →

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