Wallflower, orange and yellow

Wallflower-oh how I love the word! The lyrical pleasure of the word, a wisp of happiness that escapes when I mumble it to myself, and the image that it conjures in my head-a happy orange-yellow flower growing by himself on a nondescript brown wall embellished with moss and lichen, which he shyly salutes to. Flourished... Continue Reading →

The Tenth Reason Why I Must Remain Single

Precisely two years ago, I remember, pink and red were the colours of the city amidst the shades of dust and sunset. Balloons and festoons embellished every storefront; diligent Radio Jockeys happily gave away free passes to the 'lucky two', the only music you heard on the radio were that of confessions of love, of... Continue Reading →

Ghost Town

The last week, I had been trekking, wandering alone through the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Walking in my solitude, conversing with myself, I chanced upon an old church, a stone building blackened with time, surrounded by whispering cedar trees, the trunks, moss-laden. Staring aimlessly, keenly listening, I heard hidden crickets chirruping,... Continue Reading →

You are not the one in a million

Everybody I know wishes for a happy ending, an ending which is idyllic, an ending you read about in fairy-tales, of happily ever-afters, of the prince walking away with his princess into their castle while golden sunbeams envelop the earth in eternal joy. I was no different and, uncannily, years of disappointment have not dissuaded... Continue Reading →

I am no Angel

We continue to live under the same sky, the same wind touches us both, we wake up to the same sultry weather, and with every day that I live through, the distance grows in magnitude, the distance  between our bodies  and  souls. I cannot help but ponder at the change that betook us, separating us,... Continue Reading →

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